Your voice on "Waiters Worldwide"

The following site is made available to people that have already talked or will be talking to a journalist of the format “Waiters Worldwide”. At the beginning of the interview, the reporter will alert you to the following conditions and record your verbal agreement with them.

This document is for illustrative purposes only. It isn’t legally binding.

“Waiters Worldwide” is committed to keep the information that is collected during interviews (e.g. Names, Addresses) privat. By giving consent to the journalist of “Waiters Worldwide” interview partners give “Waiters Worldwide” the right to record, save, edit and publish their voice. While editing and rearranging their voice, “Waiters Worldwide” is committed to follow the basic rules of journalism ethics.

By giving consent to the journalist of “Waiters Worldwide” interview partners renounce any financial gain that will be made with content that is using their voice.

If the voice of an interview partner appears on “Waiters Worldwide” for more than 10 minutes, the interview partner gains the right to listen to the relatet content, before it is published. After producing the content “Waiters Worldwide” will offer access to the unpublished content. As soon as the interview partner gets access, he/she has 48 hours to appeal against the content. After this deadline, the content will be handled as approved by the interview partner, and will be released shortly after.

Under swiss law, any natural person whose voice is used and published in a podcast or other form of media is entitled to revoke its use. “Waiters Worldwide” follows this instruction and will remove affected content within a (reasonable) time frame.

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