1. Involved parties

These terms and conditions apply to the following four parties:

  • Users: Individuals who visit the website “waitersworldwide.com” and consume content within the website, or content that is provided through the website (eg. audio, video)
  • Interview partners: Individuals who got interviewed by an operator of “waitersworldwide.com”
  • Operators: The producers / publishers of "waitersworldwide.com” and all related projects
  • Sponsors: Advertising partners (natural or legal persons) who financially support "waitersworldwide.com” and related projects

2. Simplified terms

Terms and conditions are a very dry matter. In order to make them a little bit more understandable, each section of these terms and conditions will be summarized in one simple sentence. Without proper context, these summaries are not legally compliant. They are intended for guidance only.

3. Validity

These terms and conditions apply under Swiss law

By visiting the website "waitersworldwide.com" and consuming content from it, users agree to these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions only apply to the website "waitersworldwide.com” and the content within it. For all external sites, the conditions of the respective operator apply.

The hosting of the website "waitersworldwide.com” is made possible by the international hosting platform squarespace.com. Nevertheless, the operators of "waitersworldwide.com” are responsible for all contents within the website.

The operators are private persons residing in Switzerland. Therefore, these terms and conditions are valid under Swiss law.

All content within the website is free, so users do not enter into a classic business relationship with the website operators. Accordingly, these terms and conditions are intended to regulate the consumption and do not intend to legally secure a normal business relationship.

4. Products / services

Everything for free / everything copyrighted

"Waitersworldwide.com" is a website whose content can be read, heard and viewed for free. All content shown on "waitersworldwide.com” is protected under copyright laws. The operators of "waitersworldwide.com” can remove all content of the website at any time, or dissolve this internet presence as a whole. Neither users nor sponsors are entitled to a continuation of the contents of "waitersworldwide.com”

The website "waitersworldwide.com” contains hyperlinks that refer to other websites. The operators of "waitersworldwide.com” are only responsible for the content contained within the website "waitersworldwide.com”. The respective operators of other website are responsible for the content of their own website.

4.1 Podcasts

Also free / also copyrighted

The website "waitersworldwide.com” contains various podcasts. The operators of "waitersworldwide.com” are the producers and publishers of these podcasts. These podcasts are free - so their consumption and distribution is not only allowed, it is desired. While distributing the podcasts, they have to remain unchanged as a whole and "waitersworldwide.com” has to be named as the author of them. The processing or modification of the contents is not permitted without the permission of the operators.

5. Your voice on "Waiters Worldwide"

We're reasonable people, don't worry

The operators of “waitersworldwide.com” are committed to keep the information that is collected during interviews (eg. names, addresses) privat. By giving consent to the operators, interview partners give them the right to record, save, edit and publish their voice. While editing and rearranging their voice, the operators are committed to follow the basic rules of journalism ethics.

By giving consent to the operators, interview partners renounce any financial gain that will be made with content that is using their voice.

If the voice of an interview partner appears on “waitersworldwide.com” for more than 10 minutes, the interview partner gains the right to listen to the related content, before it is published. After producing the content the operators will offer access to the unpublished content. As soon as the interview partner gets access, he/she has 48 hours to appeal against the content. After this deadline, the content will be handled as approved by the interview partner, and will be released shortly after.

Under Swiss law, any natural person whose voice is used and published in a podcast or other form of media is entitled to revoke its use. “Waiters Worldwide” follows this instruction and will remove affected content within a (reasonable) time frame.

6. Sponsors

Sponsored content is ALWAYS marked as such

The operators of “waitersworldwide.com” finances this website with contributions from sponsors. These sponsors are personally selected by the operators of “waitersworldwide.com” and then recommended inside or outside the content. Although the recommendations are always made on the basis of an ethical decision by the operators of “waitersworldwide.com” they are in no way liable for the integrity of the sponsor. The advertising underlying the sponsoring is either clearly communicated inside or outside the content, or separated from its content by auditory signals (jingle's). If contents of the sponsors are shown on the website, their rights naturally remain with the respective owner, thus the sponsors.

7. User data and privacy

Anonymous and for analysis only

The operators of "waitersworldwide.com” can only partially influence which user data is collected. The hosting of the website is made possible by the hosting platform “squarespace.com”, which automatically collects some user data. The data will be anonymised during collection and then passed on to the operators of "waitersworldwide.com” for analysis. In particular, these informations are about the national origin of the user. Furthermore, the data anonymously summarizes how long the user has visited the website and which subpages he/she has accessed. The data also shows how many users have downloaded the podcasts on the website. These collected datasets are periodically viewed by the operator of the website "waitersworldwide.com” and shared with its sponsors.

All data provided by users themselves (eg. e-mail addresses and names) are treated confidentially by the operators and not passed on.


Any questions?

For questions regarding the terms and conditions please contact david@waitersworldwide.com with the subject: "Terms and Conditions".